Saturday, October 12, 2013

Last Months Highlighted Music

Our Australian artists of the week goes to a Brisbane dance company Mega Jam . 
Thanks to my good friend Miss Sugarcake who always shares their awesome choreographed dance sequences. Enjoy them all ! 
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Mega Jam was started in 1996 in Brisbane Australia by Luis Pinto and Jasmine Meakin.
 The concept of Mega Jam is to learn to dance Hip Hop and other styles of commercial street dancing, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
 KEEP IT FRESH! That is why we choreograph a different routine every week, to the latest and hottest tracks. Our street dance classes are for teens to adults, all fitness levels welcome!Check them out here.........

Check out their dance routine to one of my favorite tracks right now 

Applause by Lady Gaga
Mega Jam dance routine

Lady Gaga  Applause

Quote Jessie J on Lady Gaga ---- I really appreciate her eccentricity.There are moments when i go really & there are moments when i go WOW.
You took the words right out of my mouth Jessie !

Our cover artist this week is Ailee . Thanks goes to my good friend Miss Karla for this. Follow Karla on twitter here with the Whitney Houston classic.

Ailee is from New Jersey who came to the South Korean spotlight via reality television. Her first single was Heaven a huge long lasting hit in South Korea.
I Have Nothing

Our flashback is a look back on the blues. I'm a big blues/jazz fan so back in the seventies and eighties got to hear a lot of artists that were unheard of out here in Aussie land. I never heard of Koko Taylor before and must thank my good mate Darrell Fields for sharing this track. The song was written by the amazing 
Willie Dixon
US-American blues bassist, vocalist, songwriter, arranger and record producer.
 Willie Dixon has been called “the poet laureate of the blues” . The blues songwriter is credited with writing more than 500 songs by the end of his life. Many of them appearing as Rock'n'Roll recordings for other artists.While on staff at Chess Records, Dixon produced,arranger and played bass for so many artists. Chuck Berry,Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf to name a few. He was a crucial link between the blues and rock and roll.
The Wang Dang Doodle
Koko Taylor 

    Going back a long way for our trivia music this month. Back to the early sixties with a song called Your The Boss performed by La Vern Baker and Jimmy Ricks. This song was edited out of the legendary Elvis movie Viva Las Vegas. The duet was performed by the beautiful Ann Margret and Elvis for the movie. I'm going to include both versions here. La Vern Baker must have had such a strong influence on Elvis Presley and his music. He covered so many of her songs. Love that big gravelly blues sound!
La Vern Baker and Jimmy Ricks 
Your The Boss 

Elvis Presley and Ann Margret
Your The Boss

Jessie J is one of the best live performers out there right now. Love her way of connecting with an audience. Her Nice To Meet You tour commences in the UK in two days and then she is off to try and break into the USA in 2014.This is a recent live performance of her self penned track she asked Brandy to perform on. Brandy so kindly accepted. This is their performance at the Itunes Festival in London . All the good quality recordings have disappeared off you tube so we are left with this one. Its all to do with atmosphere,her amazing voice and audience connection at a Jessie J concert !

Conquer the World 
Jessie J and Brandy

Thursday, September 5, 2013

This Months Sound Waves

Brisbane Artist
Love And Understanding
i am music, i am art, i am just like you , 
i am emmaline without my fans and constant support i am nothing! 
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     Busby Marou
                 Our second Aussie artist is Busby Marou who recorded alot of their latest album in Nashville.The boys from Rockhampton ,Singer songwriter duo Busby Marou have announced their sophomore LP Farewell Fitzroy will be released this October. Their debut self-titled album, scored well ewith fans nationwide.The first single from the album will be Get You Out of Here which the band recorded at the Nashville’s Alex The Great studio. 
Busby Marou on Twitter   @BusbyMarou

Get Me Out of Here

Mila Falls
Acoustic Version of Voices

Mila has written songs for the Bring It On soundtrack!
Mila Trivia
Mila's name has an Australian link. While holidaying in North Queensland,she visited Mila Mila Falls. At that time she was searching for a stage name . Mila Falls was born!
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Something I Need
One Republic  Last night I think i drank too much
I call it a temporary crutch

La La La
Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith  
I'm covering my ears like a kid 
When your words mean nothing,
I go La La La !

Our trivia song for this week is 
Wake Me Up When September Ends
by Green Day 
  This song was written by Billie Joe Armstrong about the death of his father from cancer when Billie was 10 years old! Alot of people connect with it through the September 11th attacks. 

Michael Jackson 
 August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Slave to the Rhythm 
Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson 

Man in the Mirror
Michael Jackson

Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Names Dropping New Tracks

    This has been a week of big names dropping brand new tracks from upcoming albums! First up is  Lady Gaga with Applause which at first listen I was'nt taken in by but must admit it is growing on me. The second track is from Jason Derulo with Talk Dirty. A good track for the nightclub scene and I'm sure with that catchy sax piece is going to get plenty of airplay. That sax piece is by a band called Balkan Beat Box who do Gypsy funk music, checkout Hermetico where the sampled sax piece originates from.
   Then we have Katy Perry and Roar. This is just pure pop and probably not up to her massive last album but hey i love Katy. There is some controversy with Roar. That i want to mention. They say a few months back she was tweeting and congratulating a Sara Bareilles on her song Brave. Which sounds very similar to Katy's Roar! We are going to have a listen to Sara's song as well this week! Finally highlighting an up and coming  young UK artist Ellie Lawson is our final song for this week Down With You from the soundtrack of the movie Monster In Law. 

Lady Ga Ga

Jason Derulo 
Talk Dirty

 Balkan Beat Box

 Katy Perry 

Sara Bareilles

Ellie Lawson 
Down With You

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Empire of the Sun and Mike Chapman Aussie music!

 Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun are an Australian electronic music duo from Sydney, formed in 2008. The duo consists of longtime friends Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore. 
The duo had international success with their debut album the award winning Walking on  a Dream.

New Single

We Are the People
Empire of the Sun

Light of Day 
Springsteen and Joan Jett

Chapman and Chinn

 From 1970 until 1978 scored a run of hit singles. From 1973 to 1974 alone the pair had 19 hits in the charts.
The Australian record producer and Songwriter Mike Chapman was born in 1947 Nambour Queensland . Mike and Nicky Chinn produced and wrote for a string of amazing artists in the seventies and eighties! Which included Suzi Quatro,Sweet,Blondie,Smokie,Racey and many others!
The amount of artists they have written for is amazing!The folowing are two Chapman Chinn songs !There are hundreds! Awesome songwriters!

Nick Gilder 
Hot Child in the City 

If You Think You Know How to Love Me

Chinn and Chapman written 
The Part of Me That Needs You Most by Jay Black
Tweeted by my awesome South African friend Brenda! 

Music Trivia artist of the week is George Jones born September 12, 1931 in Saratoga, Texas died April 26th 2013 .
George was married to another famous country performer her name Tammy Wynette. Georges first number one hit was White Lightning. Many thanks goes to my good Twitter friend Diana aka Miss Texas for tweeting this! 
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White Lightning 
George Jones