Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jessie J News and Discoveries

A young Jessie ! Passion and power where does it come from! 
Staying Thin 
A song written by Jess when she was seventeen this was leaked the same day as Silver Lining! 

More Awesome Jessie Pics

  Hula Girl Jess

Silver Lining 
New song written by Diane Warren for the Silver Lining Playbook soundtrack! 

Domino Diva Concert 

Remember Me Video Pics

Jessie and Daniel! Laserlight
News link

Seven-year-old Daniel Sullivan from Hartlepool, lost his battle with leukemia during the week. The brave little guy got up on stage with Jessie in July after she met him before her Shrewsbury concert!Asking him if he wanted to do Price Tag on stage with her. His reply no I want to do Laserlight. Jessie was obviously saddened by his death and posted the following tweet! Laserlight Jessie and Daniel Shrewsbury Concert.

Jessies Tweet
"RIP Daniel. I will never forget meeting you and us singing on stage together. Never forget you dude."

Friday, October 5, 2012

Jessica Cornish Song Endings

       This weeks post I just wanted it to showcase the amazing skill and natural interpretation of songs by Jessie J. Love her natural spur of the moment performances .This is what I find so fascinating about her!I have a feeling 2013 is going to be Jessica Cornish's year with UK Voice beginning in December. A new album around December. Her Nice To Meet You tour beginning in February!Which hopefully will be a world tour including North America because they need the Jessica Cornish experience and we definately want the Jessie J show back in Australia next year. Here is to a super second album. She is working with the best in Diane Warren,Will I Am, Claude Kelly,Sia and Stargate and so she should be! Because Jessica Cornish is the best!

Nobody's Perfect Endings

Price Tag Endings

Domino Ending

 Domino Song Ending Hyde Park

Casualty of Love Ending

The last clip is from Beyonce ! Jessica Cornish is super keen to work with Beyonce Knowles! 

I Was Here Beyonce 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jessie J Covers

    Thought we would check out some covers by Jessie this week. The most popular cover on you tube by Jessie would have to be We Found Love a Calvin Harris song originally recorded by Rihanna. Jessies version has a complete different feel to Rihannas original which has more of a club feel to it. While Jess turns it into a more of a love interpretation.
We Found Love 

Our next cover is Climax originally done by Usher. Which Jess started to include in her live shows around July this year. She has'nt performed it outside her stage show so the quality is'nt perfect but it is pure Jessica Cornish. She sings it as she feels it! The best quality recording i think is the one recorded at the FIB Festival Benicassim Spain.


     Just discovered this studio version of the Bee Gees You Should Be Dancing Jessie J and Tinie Tempah so wanted to include this in the post as well. Excellent Cover ! Love it!

You Should Be Dancing

      Never Too Much by Luther Van Dross is a cover Jess adds to the start of Abracadabra in her stage shows and it always sounds super when she performs it! I have chosen the Hackney weekend clip here! At the start she will have the crowd warming up which is typical Jessie J. She is always doing quirky things during her shows and this is what makes them so entertaining.Whether it be voice warm ups, making up songs on the spot or a crowd singalong. You never know what to expect from her!

Never Too Much

         Young Blood by Naked and famous is the next cover. She seems to get alot of criticism on how she sung this! I think she does an OK job with it considering its a song done for Radio one on request it was'nt rehearsed and she needed the lyric sheet! Anyway its a pleasant recording I reckon so thought I would include it here!
Young Blood

    Our last cover, I thought we might include is actually a song she wrote herself but was a number one worldwide hit for Miley Cyrus! Party in the USA! We will get to hear the original lyrics before they were changed to suit the US market! She only performs this on rare occassions when requested and the recording we have chosen goes back to before she was in the spotlight! Welcome to the land of fame and sex!

Party in the USA 

More Jessie Covers
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
I Have Nothing
Price Tag/Written in the Stars
You Should Be Dancing

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jessie J in Close Up

     This week we are going to check out the amazing Jessica Cornish in close up. Finding out whats on the horizon and looking at the intensity and beauty in her performances. Her book is completed and should be out sometime in September. During her Romania gig she was talking about finishing it while poolside with her band in Ibiza last week. In this Romanian concert she was as cute as ever. Talking about the bug problems she was having on stage similar to Istanbul. When as she tweeted she had swallowed half the cast of Bug's Life! While before her performance of Climax here she was wondering how many bugs she was going to catch while opening her mouth wide for the big notes. The Romanian concert looked so much fun with plenty of audience participation.
          Our first clip this week Hey little bugs come to your Mama or Nemo and the shark. Followed by her talking about her book before performing Stand Up. She tweeted an exclusive look at the books cover as well and a photo of her before performing in Portugal which had all heartbeats in attendance as it was live streamed on Jessies facebook page!   
   Don't forget coming up this week two more live shows Sandown Park,also the open air festival at Zofingen Switzerland and to finish the week is the closing ceremony  for the Olympics. Where she is performing with Queen. We Will Rock You!

Speech Nemo in with the Sharks 

Chat for England

      Our next concert we are going to check out this week is the Vitaman Water Roundhouse concert. Where Ronnie Wood and his girlfriend along with athletes from the Olympic Village were in attendance. Early in the week she had done a web chat for Vitamin water and her fans! She looked so amazing in this concert and one my favorite clips to appear so far is the Casualty of Love clip with some great close ups of that beautiful focused face of Jessica Cornish.

Casualty of Love

Mama Knows Best Roundhouse

Vitamin Water Web Chat

     To finish off this week I wanted to flashback to Warwick Castle and the HMV show. To highlight these beautiful close up fan recordings. The first is Jess singing happy birthday to Jimahl and the other singing to Shannon's phone. She leaves fans with so many beautiful memories! 

Happy Birthday Jimahl Warwick Castle

Singing to Shannon's Phone

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Week in Concert with Jessie J

    Thought we would take a close look at the amazing voice and charisma of Jessie J in concert this week! Her three performances for the week spread across Europe. The first at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.There was another at Warwick Castle and the final performance was at the FIB festival at Benicassim Spain. The better quality footage comes from the Spain show but if I had to make a choice between the three as which was the better performance I would say Montreux!

 Montreux Show
Who You Are 

Never Too Much / Abracadabra 

      The Warwick Castle show was very entertaining and had a lot of crowd/fan contact and chat. Which I enjoy immensly. It had alot of interesting and memorable moments. One being a verse of the first song Jess ever wrote at the age of nine. There was also a guest appearance by Team Jessie Voice contestant Becky Hill, who Jess spotted in the crowd and asked up on stage to perform Price Tag with her. There was plenty of objects being thrown on stage including notes and a hat which Jess asked if the girl had clean hair before placing it on her own head. There was plenty of chat between Jess and fans in the front including a happy birthday singalong to Jamahl with an amusing flashback to Jessie's 15th birthday celebrations. I love the voice warmups as well for her fans. Abslolutely love the way this lady gets everyone involved band members,crowd, security,support acts whether it be in voice warmups,singalongs or chatting she is one unique entertainer.  A cameraman also got a very close up shot of Jess before she realized he was there and crossed her legs. I suppose you got a take your opportunity .She then went on to explain.That she had only just arrived from Switzerland and had'nt  time to soundcheck! Overall such a fun entertaining show. Loved it!

 Warwick Castle Show
Chatting and Happy Birthday

The Warm Up

   The Spain concert was an awesome show with plenty of unique moments. Her Climax cover was one of the highlights and of course a ripper version of Who You Are, she was really feeling it here. Its hard to say if  Montreux or this version was better, both were amazing. Her speech in Montreux was so spot on but musically Spain was perfection . I have to say Laserlight is really growing on me . When she performs it live,she really sparks it up and it sounds so much better without the Guetta influence.I love her fingers to her lips at the end of the line. Who needs words when forever is in the silence! I have to mention something else and that is she was using the F.. word in this show. I am wondering if it was'nt a age limited show.


Nobody's Perfect

   Now to my favorite show of the week Montreux. The crowd were really pumped on her entry with Do It Like A Dude and she did'nt let them down. Woohoo!Love the shorts Jess! You look hotter than the fires of hell! I also noticed she seemed to be channeling Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with her Red Shoe look this week! Fun chat before and after songs here to and talking about Will I Am and her idea of getting a hologram microphone stand because hers is so boring!Now that would be something! Love it! Great idea! Then she sings another super version of Climax.
        She was really getting the jazz feeling going at the Jazz festival with a super version of Mama Knows Best and great crowd interaction on all songs including a fun band introduction piece with crowd interaction! Her and the band are really becoming so connected and I think this is why the shows have been so rocking of late! They have a super rapport!  Love her two backup singers!They are excellent ! There were so many super performances here. Its hard to separate . Domino the closing number had so much going on with Jess down amongst the crowd and there was a great performance of my favorite Jess song Casualty of Love. I would have included that clip here but the Never Too Much/Abracadabra clip is better quality so we will have to go with that one and the Who You Are clip. I am going to include two clips for this the one with the speech because of the awesome quality and then the full Who You Are performance.

Montreux Climax


Band introductions and crowd interactions

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jessie J Treasure Hunting

    I thought we might look at some of the treasures I have found this week on the Jessica Cornish adventure! Its amazing what you can find if you search the net! I think my favorite would be the Knock on Wood cover she did in Memphis last year! There is also Mothers Ballad done for the Don't Trigger campaigne back when she was signed to gut records in 2007 . She also did one of her own compositions titled The Long Goodbye but have yet to track down a clear, full version. Then in Istanbul on her European tour  this week she did a cover of  Usher's Climax. I am really keen at hearing a studio version of this because this fan recorded concert version sounds super so imagine what a professionally recorded version will sound like. I can't wait!
   Our final two clips are from the same concert back in 2008. They are Finders Keepers and Sexy Silk both Jessica Cornish written songs! She is one wild chicky babe ! I just love it when she let's go like at the end of Knock On Wood and during these two live recordings!  Will you be my medicine man put your hand on my chest,feel the bump! bump! bump! bump! 

Knock On Wood Live featuring Jennifer Hudson 
To view click link below 

Climax Live Istanbul Concert June 28th

Mothers Ballad 2007

Finders Keepers Live 2008

Sexy Silk Live 2008

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Best of Jessie J Live

     This week I thought we might check out some interesting live clips of Jessie J. We will start with her Adelaide concert and Price Tag featuring a number of Jessie J's and Professor Green while sending out a big I F..king love you to a fan in the audience . Our second is her Mama Knows Best entrance from her New York show. I had seen the front on clip a while back but this clip shot from stage entrance gives a new perspective on her appearance and crowd reaction.
     Our third clip is from Hoxton Bar and Grill back in November of 2010. Where her first single Do It Like A Dude was just about to be released. I love this clip, for the facial expressions which are just magic! While the chat about Party in The USA at the end is quite amusing!
    Some other excellent clips I thought we might look back at are her performance at the Teenage Cancer Trust of My Shadow. A song she does'nt perform live that much! While at the Mobo Awards she did Do It Like A Dude with a Jessie J look alike dancer.
    Another one of  my favorite live clips is Domino from the Roxy Theatre in LA. Where she had to call for security because there were too many people on stage climbing all over her and for the finish this week I thought with all the acoustic versions of Nobody's Perfect. I would post my favorite! Hope everyone enjoys this look back on the magic of Jessica Cornish.

Price Tag Adelaide Australia Ft Professor Green 
Mama Knows Best New York

Casualty of Love Hoxton Bar and Grill November 2010

My Shadow Teenage Cancer Trust

Do It Like A Dude Mobo Awards 

Domino Roxy Theatre April 2012

Nobody's Perfect Acoustic Performance

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Week of Awards and Radio Interviews!

     During the week  Jessie J was awarded the solo artist of the year award at the Glamour Awards . This added to last years best newcomer Glamour Award. Which gave her the double glamour dot com forward slash boom.There to present the award was her UK Voice fellow coach and crazy cat , Mr Dope himself Will I Am. Any signs of rivalry or friction were nowhere to be seen as in the interview they both came across as they were very good friends and Will even let slip that they BBM each other. I think there maybe a secret admiration between these two! You just have to watch the body language on the voice between them from the start of the show. There has always been a fiery attraction going on.  
   Really I don't think you can believe anything that's printed in them papers,they just print whatever sells. I never believed any of it anyway I always believe what I see rather than what the press sees!

 Glamour Awards Interview Jessie J and Will I Am

This week has also seen numerous radio interviews leading up to the final of the Voice on Saturday so thought we would put some of them up as I am always interested in what the lovely Jessica Cornish has to say!First up though we will check out the best Jessie J moments from the Semi Final.

Best Jessie J Moments on the Voice Semi Finals. 

Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny O'donoghue Interview

Jessie J and Vince Kidd 
Love this interview so cute and funny CLASSIC! 

Becky Hill Like A Star

Jessie J and Two Finalists 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jessie's Week In London

                 Jessie has been working with Team Jessie for the UKVoice live shows this week. She has also been making appearances around London. Her first appearance was at 100 club for BBC Radio 2's TODAY station celebration. Where Jessie and her UKVoice fellow judge Tom Jones did a super interpretation of Mockingbird, a song originally sung by Inez and Charlie Foxx in 1963. This will be the first clip for this week.
             She also performed at HMV Oxford Circus store in London for there Music is Great week. We got to see some of those gorgeous Jessie J facial expressions as well as some insight at the way the negative press has been making her feel. Really enjoyed watching the ad lib song sung to Shannon's phone and the heartfelt performance of Nobody's Perfect.
              During the week another of  Jessie's UKvoice co judges Will I Am has stated his desire to work with the beautiful Jessie J. The Black Eyed Peas hit maker is so convinced of Jessie J's global appeal that he is desperate for them to collaborate on a track together. It's not only Jessie vocal ability that has impressed the rapper, he also adores her feisty personality and believes she would go down a storm in the US music charts.
He said: "Meeting Jessie has inspired me to really go, 'Wow!' Because, she's like that. She's bubbly, she's crazy. She's like raw, edgy. I would love to make her a star in the U.S. She's really fresh... she's dope." 

                 WOW what a collaboration that would be.They always look to have a fiery attraction to each other,when watching their body language on the UKvoice. I just think they could make super music together. I really hope this eventuates. 

To finish off this week we have Jessie on Capitol FM. Talking about the Summertime Ball, sounds very interesting,set to highlight new material and collaborations. WOW definately be waiting impatiently for this.

Mockingbird Jessie J and Tom Jones

Jessie Singing to Shannon's Phone

Nobody's Perfect Jessie J at HMV Store

I Gotta Feeling UKVoice Judges

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jessie J on Graham Norton

          Another magic week with Jessie J. Early in the week she was working with her team on the voice,getting them ready for the live shows this weekend! Our favorites in team Jessie are Becky Hill, Vince Kidd and Toni Warne. There is a great connection between Jessie and these three! We will post the performances of both Vince and Becky. Later in the week she appeared on the Graham Norton Show and we are going to show some that and Jessies super performance of Laserlight! So check through and enjoy this week with the beautiful Jessie J.

  Becky Hill Good Luck

        Vince Kidd Always on My Mind

Laserlight Jessie J

Graham Norton Show

  Get to know whats happened to Jessie so far this year in her own words!
This is Jessie freestyling about the hackers who deleted her you tube account with over 400 million views! She may have had to start over again Jess but at least there back up there.I thought we would big the Big White Room clip up as i know its one of the Heartbeats favorites!

Big White Room from her bedroom! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Jessie J Live Rehearsals for UK Voice

          This week Jessie is back on UK territory doing the live sessions of the Voice! Let's take a look at  team Jessie's performances. I really think Becky has a good shot at winning this. Although I think Toni Warne is Jessie's favorite to this point. One of the highlight of the battle rounds was Barbara and Leanne's battle.Ga Ga's song Edge of Glory was the perfect song to show off their vocal power. Wow what power, a real show stopper. Lets have a look at some of the other musical and funny moments leading up to this point! 

Barbara Bryceland and  Leanne Mitchell
Edge of Glory!

Team Jessie showed off a couple of super voices here and I think Kirsten was a little unlucky to not make her way into the live rounds because this really was a super performance from both ladies but only one can go through and I am sure this was a tough one for Jessie.

Toni Warne and Kirsten Joy 

This pairing of Becky and Indie,Pixie was no contest really as Becky Hill smashed this. A great performance from her and I think she is the real smokey. I believe she can actually take this out.

Indie and Pixie Becky Hill

You got to love Jessie J she is so sweet. Just watching her pull faces or make funny noises. She is the life of this show. So the following two clips are some funny moments in the show, displaying her fun side!

Funny Moments on the Voice

Pushing the Button Funny Moment 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jessie J in LA

Jessie at the Roxy

Party, Party at the Roxy Theatre in LA! A few dramas when Jess got everyone up on stage but it ended up, all ok! I am sure beautiful Jessica Cornish made an impression in LA. She also performed on the Voice USA doing a super version of her song Domino! During her show at the Roxy which went for 90 minutes, she was explaining the reason for her being in LA. Which was to lay down some tracks for her second album and do some recording with Jason Derulo. I think that pairing should go down real well, can't wait to hear the outcome! We'll start our clips with the Domino drama followed by her rendition of Domino party style. Followed by Wh You Are and Stand Up. Love those short, shorts and I am sure the security guard was enjoying the view as well. They felt tight to you Jessica, well they looked tight from this end as well.
We have the video of her new single Laserlight featuring David Guetta. Our last clip will be her version of Laserlight in Nova's red room in Sydney on her recent tour of Australia.

Domino after the drama was sorted out.

Who You Are
Jessie talking about the writing of Who You Are!

Stand Up 

Laserlight Video

Laserlight Novas Red Room

Monday, April 2, 2012

Jessie J at The Teenage Cancer Trust

      Jessie performed for the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday. Brilliant as usual, getting very emotional during Who You Are, having fun with Professor Green and singing her heart out! She did a super version of My Shadow and I saw a short clip of Casualty of Love which sounded amazing. If anyone has the full clip would appreciate an upload! Love watching this lady perform.

Stand Up

Who You Are

Introducing the band and Mama Knows Best Jazz Style

My Shadow

Price Tag With Professor Green
I am sure the Professor Green is in LOVE but who's not in love with the beautiful Jessica Cornish. 
 Jessie has got him around her little finger. Jessie on Professor Green. Your so cute! This is why I love this guy! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jessie J's Heartbeat Tour of Asia.

Just before she arrived on Australian shores for her Heartbeat tour.
Jessie J met with Whitney Houston only a few hours before the legendary artist was found dead in her bathtub.Both singers were set to perform at pre-Grammy Party and their meeting happened at the rehearsals for the show. Whitney of course never got to perform. I was wondering weather Jessie payed tribute to Whitney and did her cover of I Wanna Dance With Somebody, when she performed at the gig!

The following are some highlights from Jessies tour! I know she struggled a little at the commencement of the tour after her flight was diverted to Honolulu when a passenger had a heart attack, extending her flight by about ten hours. She said she suffered jet lag and had a bit of laryngitis.She battled through her two Brisbane appearances but unfortunately had to cancel her Perth and Auckland shows! You could still see the effects in Melbourne but by Sydney, she had recovered,I think Adelaide was the lucky city because she certainly was very playful and sounding awesome. Never the less her shows were amazing this lady certainly knows how to entertain. She has charisma with a capital C and Miss Abracadabra weaved her magic spell so well. If you like Jessie's music, once you have seen her live, she will definately have you hooked. Can't wait for her return and another party in the land of Oz with the beautiful Jessie J .

Brisbane Riverstage Domino

Sydney Who You Are

Rainbow Sydney Future festival.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Flo Rida, Avicii and Etta James

One crazy world!Avicii sued Flo Rida because he believes they stole the Etta James sample from Levels to use in Good Feeling.Now he has his name on the copyrights of Good Feeling, yet its Etta James voice.
Avicii Levels

Eta James Somebodies Got a Hold On Me

Flo Rida Good Feeling

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nickelback New single release

Well, I know the feeling
Of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge
And there ain't no healing
From cutting yourself with the jagged edge

So just give it one more try to a lullaby
And turn this up on the radio
If you can hear me now
I'm reaching out
To let you know that you're not alone

Please let me take you
Out of the darkness and into the light
'Cause I have faith in you
That you're gonna make it through another night
Stop thinking about the easy way out
There's no need to go and blow the candle out
Because you're not done
You're far too young
And the best is yet to come