Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jessie's Week In London

                 Jessie has been working with Team Jessie for the UKVoice live shows this week. She has also been making appearances around London. Her first appearance was at 100 club for BBC Radio 2's TODAY station celebration. Where Jessie and her UKVoice fellow judge Tom Jones did a super interpretation of Mockingbird, a song originally sung by Inez and Charlie Foxx in 1963. This will be the first clip for this week.
             She also performed at HMV Oxford Circus store in London for there Music is Great week. We got to see some of those gorgeous Jessie J facial expressions as well as some insight at the way the negative press has been making her feel. Really enjoyed watching the ad lib song sung to Shannon's phone and the heartfelt performance of Nobody's Perfect.
              During the week another of  Jessie's UKvoice co judges Will I Am has stated his desire to work with the beautiful Jessie J. The Black Eyed Peas hit maker is so convinced of Jessie J's global appeal that he is desperate for them to collaborate on a track together. It's not only Jessie vocal ability that has impressed the rapper, he also adores her feisty personality and believes she would go down a storm in the US music charts.
He said: "Meeting Jessie has inspired me to really go, 'Wow!' Because, she's like that. She's bubbly, she's crazy. She's like raw, edgy. I would love to make her a star in the U.S. She's really fresh... she's dope." 

                 WOW what a collaboration that would be.They always look to have a fiery attraction to each other,when watching their body language on the UKvoice. I just think they could make super music together. I really hope this eventuates. 

To finish off this week we have Jessie on Capitol FM. Talking about the Summertime Ball, sounds very interesting,set to highlight new material and collaborations. WOW definately be waiting impatiently for this.

Mockingbird Jessie J and Tom Jones

Jessie Singing to Shannon's Phone

Nobody's Perfect Jessie J at HMV Store

I Gotta Feeling UKVoice Judges

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