Saturday, September 25, 2010

Modern History with Usher and Linda The Pocket Dynamo

Usher with his hit and great album Raymond vs Raymond starts us off this week,followed by OMD and their return from the wilderness with the new album History of Modern. We finish with a flashback to little bo peep Linda Ronstadt in her prime and sounding fantastic.

Raymond Vs Raymond Album

    Usher, who is 31  is one of the best-selling pop stars of his generation, and works here with a fleet of prominent producers Jermaine Dupri, Tricky Stewart, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and guest vocalists Ludacris, T.I., Already released songs, like the sumptuous ballad “There Goes My Baby” and “Mars Vs. Venus,” whose rich, multi-layered sound is as cosmic as its title, work undeniably well on their own. “OMG,” the track that sings on and  produces is  as catchy and rhythmically compelling as the biggest hits of’s group, the Black Eyed Peas.

 Now we have  this song from the Album
Usher ft Pitbull D J Got us Falling in Love Again

History of Modern OMD

  There are many fine moments on this record, and several inspired ones. Through his work with Atomic Kitten while OMD has been off the scene, McCluskey has not lost his touch in producing a good tune, and that talent shines threw here.
     If You Want It we're in to familiar OMD territory,  convincing us that "if you find it, it will come, through the rain and burning sun". It's like they've never been away and brings back memories of their hits Sailing the Seven Seas and Pandoras Box.The OMD magic is still there with New Babies New Toys and the title song History of Modern both top recordings.

If You Want It New Single

McClusky and OMD version of his song Whole Again he produced with Atomic Kitten
Looking back on when we first met
Can't escape and I cannot forget baby you're the one
You still turn me on
You can make me whole again

Linda Ronstadt Your No Good

     Linda a true Rock'n'Roll legend from the late sixties with the Stone Ponies. To having the Eagles as her backup band in the early seventies and working with the likes of Andrew Gold,Warren Zevon,Peter Asher and a host of other great musicians.She had hit songs with many legendary artists like Aaron Neville, Dolly Parton,Karla Bonhoff,James Ingram,Smokey Robinson,Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and a host of other stars.  Amazing voice and amazing talent a pocket powerhouse Miss Ronstadt.
   Your No Good recorded for a show behind prison walls similar to Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison recordings. The live version of Tracks of my Tears recorded in 1976 at Offenbach Germany both capture the strength of Miss Ronstadt's voice. Hope you enjoy these.

Tracks of My Tears Live Offenbach Germany 1976

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