Friday, October 15, 2010

Picture This and Raise Your Glasses with Pink and Blondie.

      Just picture this and raise your glasses to some great rock artists and musicians this week. Pink with her new single.Kings of Leon with their rock hit Radioactive and our flashback artist the beautiful Deborah Harry and Blondie with a highlight on their Parallel Lines album of 1978 so many great songs on this album.Enjoy the week my friends and hope these great songs lighten your week.    
   Born on September 8th 1979 her name Alecia Moore. In her adolescent she jumped from one extreme to another e.g. gymnast to  skateboarder to rave child to hip-hopper . This probably explains her self-confidence and rebellious nature, she has seen a lot and done a lot and this is reflected in her music.She spent several years as part of the club scene in Philadelphia, singing guest spots and performing for talent shows.Then followed success for her with the album Cant Take Me Home. Then another smash single ‘Get The Party Started’ and  her follow-up album Missunderstood. Pink is gearing up for the release of her Greatest Hits album and she has just released a brand new single called “Raise Your Glass”
Pink Raise Your Glass


Kings of Leon Story 

   The Followill brothers are sons of a preacher who were raised on the road throughout the South, traveling from one Pentecostal church to the next. But after getting into  bands like Led Zeppelin, they started crafting their own brand of Southern rock & roll and soon became a rough and ready touring act. They have became one of the biggest bands in rock.This is a behind the scene look at their new single Radioactive.

Radioactive Kings of Leon

Blondie and Deborah Harry

 After three years on the road.Parallel Lines, Blondie's third album, provided the group with its commercial breakthrough in the states, going platinum and peaking at No. 6 during a 103-week run on The Billboard 200. The single "Heart of Glass" which Harry says she and guitarist Chris Stein wrote several years earlier, hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and "One Way or Another" made it to 24.

    The album has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, but Harry was most pleased about its impact in the States. "We'd had hits all over the world  in Europe, in the U.K., in Australia," she says. "But having a hit at home  was really, really important to us.
Parallel Lines Brilliant Album Full of Classics
Heart of Glass
One Way or Another 
Hangin on the Telephone

Picture This

A great Buddy Holly Cover
I'm Gonna Love You Too

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