Saturday, September 18, 2010

Venus is Magic in Sugarland

    The Grammy award winning country artists Sugarland with Stuck Like Glue from their style changing album The Incredible Machine and some Magic from BOB are our two diamonds in the rough this week. Both top pop songs and well worth a listen.Our flashback heads back to the late sixties early seventies with Shocking Blue and the beautiful Mariska Veres  and Shocking Blue with their hit Venus the summit of beauty and love. I must admit i love the guitar work behind Miss Veres. We will take a look at Cajun music too finish this weeks post.
Stuck Like Glue 

    Sugarland began as a trio.Jennifer Nettles a powerhouse singer with some serious twang, was working steadily on the local club circuit. Kristen Hall, a singer-songwriter specializing in heartache songs, had released two well-received solo albums. Kristian Bush, a local folk-rock hero, is one half of Billy Pilgrim, a duo with a major record label deal. Kristen Hall left the group in 2006 due to a dispute over songwriting.
     Right from the start, Sugarland was responsible for writing many of their own songs, starting with their debut single, "Baby Girl"
Jennifer Nettles was influenced by Southern Gospel music, but also Linda Ronstadt and Juice Newton. Kristian Bush was influenced by the Police and the Replacements.

   They are Grammy winners for Best Country Song and Best Country Performance and finally, their first Christmas recording, Gold and Green, which featured new holiday themed originals as well as more traditional fare. The duo’s fourth studio album, The Incredible Machine, influenced by the so-called “steampunk movement” was released in 2010.

Magic B.O.B

I wanted to include B.o..B this week because his enormous success over the last few months. The original release of this song has been removed from you tube so I had to put this version up. Love the song but the lyrics my God they are very confusing.
       B.o.B's second single, "Grip Your Body,featured"British soul siren Amy Winehouse, and this year saw
B.o.B's official breakthrough topping the charts with "Nothin' on You" and reaching  number two with “Airplanes,” the latter song featuring special guest Hayley Williams of Paramore. Both songs appear on The Adventures of Bobby Ray. This is another super hit  Magic.

Shocking Blue Venus

    Mariska Veres of Shocking Blue had a sensuous and charismatic stage presence that could transfix an audience with an absolute minimum of effort. A striking brunette beauty with long jet black hair, sparkling eyes, a sweet baby face, and a voluptuous figure, Veres was further blessed with an exceptionally captivating strong and sultry voice. She was born on October 1, 1947 in the Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Her father was gypsy Hungarian violinist Lajos Veres and her mother was born in Germany.She never drank, smoked or experimented with drugs and she liked cats. On December 2, 2006  Mariska Veres died from cancer at the age of 59.

Cajun music and Creole music 

   Which evolved into Zydeco are the products of a combination of influences found only in Southwest Louisiana. "The Cajun and Creole traditions of Southwest Louisiana are unique in the blending of European, African, and Amerindian qualities."
   The music of the Acadians in Louisiana in the 19th century was transformed by new influences: African rhythms, blues, and improvisational singing techniques as well as by other rhythms and singing styles from Native American.

Cajun Music in the 1981 film Southern Comfort

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