Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jessie J's Heartbeat Tour of Asia.

Just before she arrived on Australian shores for her Heartbeat tour.
Jessie J met with Whitney Houston only a few hours before the legendary artist was found dead in her bathtub.Both singers were set to perform at pre-Grammy Party and their meeting happened at the rehearsals for the show. Whitney of course never got to perform. I was wondering weather Jessie payed tribute to Whitney and did her cover of I Wanna Dance With Somebody, when she performed at the gig!

The following are some highlights from Jessies tour! I know she struggled a little at the commencement of the tour after her flight was diverted to Honolulu when a passenger had a heart attack, extending her flight by about ten hours. She said she suffered jet lag and had a bit of laryngitis.She battled through her two Brisbane appearances but unfortunately had to cancel her Perth and Auckland shows! You could still see the effects in Melbourne but by Sydney, she had recovered,I think Adelaide was the lucky city because she certainly was very playful and sounding awesome. Never the less her shows were amazing this lady certainly knows how to entertain. She has charisma with a capital C and Miss Abracadabra weaved her magic spell so well. If you like Jessie's music, once you have seen her live, she will definately have you hooked. Can't wait for her return and another party in the land of Oz with the beautiful Jessie J .

Brisbane Riverstage Domino

Sydney Who You Are

Rainbow Sydney Future festival.

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