Friday, July 21, 2017

Thunder Egyptians and Lets Stick Together

  •       The new music clip for this month is Thunder by Imagine Dragons. The track is off their new album Evolve. Really enjoy their music and Dan Reynolds seems such a genuine guy ! Something genuine coming out of Las Vegas . Viva Las Vegas ! A real rock band is something  this world is missing so its great that we have a survivor, here. We're a typical band," says lead singer/
songwriter and founder Dan Reynolds, 27, a week before the Grammys. "We're not tatted-up, trying to make a statement. The spirit of rock'n'roll is not that you're living on the edge, that you're a cokehead -- those are just lifestyle choices."
  •       Dan about there music choices  "We have guitars and drums and bass, so people call us a rock band," says Reynolds. "But I love big, poppy melodies. And I'm not going to apologize for that." Radioactive is still one of my favorite rock songs of recent times. It won the Grammy in 2014 for the best Rock Performance of that year.
  •       Dan Reynolds on Radioactive . "When I wrote Radioactive, we'd been a band for two and a half, maybe three years," he said. "We were at that point so many bands get to - where we're playing small clubs and filling them, but to break out at that level is a difficult thing. I was questioning my own career choice. I really wanted to have a family at some point and be able to support them, and still do what I love. So it was a difficult time. I'm a really up and down person; I've always struggled with depression.""I was writing in the studio with Alex. (their producer ) " Reynolds continued. "We knew we wanted something that was heavy. I've always loved songs that present a beautiful and sensitive subject in a heavy way. So we came up with this heavy beat and instrumental that just felt like an awakening. It expressed a feeling that was happening with me, so I started to write the lyrics and the melody.""In truth, the song is about becoming self-empowered and saying, 'I'm happy with who I am, happy with the choices I'm making,'" he added. "It's about sweating off all the dust and grime of self-doubt and judgment, and embracing who you are."
Dan Reynolds and Imagine Dragons 

Susanna Hoff and her influence on Prince and Mike Myers
  •      The Bangles were known as "The Bangs", but when the band accepted a record deal, an already signed band of the same name sued, so they added "les" to their name as a tribute to The Beatles. Susanna Hoffs lead singer of  The Bangles has been married to director Jay Roach since 1993. Prince and Mike Myers both had an attraction to Susanna which led to the following creations . 
  • Manic Monday -- Prince first decided to give “Manic Monday” to his girlfriend Apollonia who had joined a band called Vanity 6 . Renaming themselves Apollonia 6, they recorded the track for their first album. However, just on release, Prince pulled it from the album because he’d lost interest in the group. Two years later he would offer it to Susanna under the pseudonym Christopher, which was the name of his character in Under the Cherry Moon. Rumors suggest that Prince gave the song to Susanna Hoffs in exchange for sleeping with him .
  • Austin Powers -- Around 1991 Susanna and Jay Roach were in a bar when Mike Myers introduced himself because he desperately wanted to meet Susanna and telling her how much he loved The Bangles. Jay and Mike became friends, working together on the Austin Power script and two years later, Austin Powers became a reality ! 
 Live Music of the Month 
Susanna Hoffs Nashville Acoustic Concert 1997. 
Walk Like An Egyptian /Mrs Robinson 

Flashback Music for this Month 

Lets Work Together 
Wilbert Harrison
  •        Wilbert Harrison was born Jan 5th 1929 and died Oct 26th 1994 at the age of 65. He had his first hit with Kansas City in 1959 with one of the first songs written or legally obtained, lol by the famous early rock'n'roll songwriters Leiber and Stoller in 1952. It was originally an old blues tune called KC Loving. The song stayed at number one for a couple of weeks. Let's Work Together was his own song written and released originally in 1962 but due to contractual issues was pulled and never charted until Harrison again released it in 1970 with new lyrics and title Let's Stick Together. This time made it to 32 on the billboard charts. A couple of months later, Caned Heat had success with the original song in the UK and Australia charting at number 2 in both countries. Later of course it was a huge hit worldwide for Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music
Here is Harrisons 1970 version of  
Lets Work Together/ Let's Stick Together


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