Saturday, May 20, 2017

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 Video of the Week

Bon Appetit
 Katy Perry 

    Released on the 28th of April as the second single from her album Witness. The video was released on 12th of May breaking records for the quickest amount of views. The follow up single has been released two days ago it is Swish Swish ft Nicki Minaj.

 New Music of the Week
Miley Cyrus and Malibu

Miley and Liam Hemsworth recently purchased a two story, two and a half million dollar Malibu mansion with Paradise Cove beach a short walk through their property.

 Live Music 
 Secrets by One Republic

The song was their second single off of their second album Waking Up it reached number 21 on the billboard charts back in 2010.

Flashback Music
Whats a Matter Baby 
Ellen Foley
        Our track this week is Whats A Matter Baby written for Timi Yuro by Joy Byers in the sixties and later covered by Ellen Foley in 1979. Joy passed away recently at the age of 82. The Nashville songwriter was married to record producer Bob Johnston and wrote many sixties hits for people like Elvis Presley, Timi Yuro,Brenda Lee, Bill Haley and many others. A housewife growing up in the fifties, she was caught up in the rock'n''roll wave. She has said how thrilled she was to have her songs recorded by people like Elvis. Some of her songs Elvis recorded ,were, Let Yourself Go, Cmon Everybody,It Hurts Me and one of my favorite movie tracks There's a Brand New Day on the Horizon from the movie Roustabout.

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