Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jessie J on Graham Norton

          Another magic week with Jessie J. Early in the week she was working with her team on the voice,getting them ready for the live shows this weekend! Our favorites in team Jessie are Becky Hill, Vince Kidd and Toni Warne. There is a great connection between Jessie and these three! We will post the performances of both Vince and Becky. Later in the week she appeared on the Graham Norton Show and we are going to show some that and Jessies super performance of Laserlight! So check through and enjoy this week with the beautiful Jessie J.

  Becky Hill Good Luck

        Vince Kidd Always on My Mind

Laserlight Jessie J

Graham Norton Show

  Get to know whats happened to Jessie so far this year in her own words!
This is Jessie freestyling about the hackers who deleted her you tube account with over 400 million views! She may have had to start over again Jess but at least there back up there.I thought we would big the Big White Room clip up as i know its one of the Heartbeats favorites!

Big White Room from her bedroom! 

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