Friday, April 27, 2012

Jessie J Live Rehearsals for UK Voice

          This week Jessie is back on UK territory doing the live sessions of the Voice! Let's take a look at  team Jessie's performances. I really think Becky has a good shot at winning this. Although I think Toni Warne is Jessie's favorite to this point. One of the highlight of the battle rounds was Barbara and Leanne's battle.Ga Ga's song Edge of Glory was the perfect song to show off their vocal power. Wow what power, a real show stopper. Lets have a look at some of the other musical and funny moments leading up to this point! 

Barbara Bryceland and  Leanne Mitchell
Edge of Glory!

Team Jessie showed off a couple of super voices here and I think Kirsten was a little unlucky to not make her way into the live rounds because this really was a super performance from both ladies but only one can go through and I am sure this was a tough one for Jessie.

Toni Warne and Kirsten Joy 

This pairing of Becky and Indie,Pixie was no contest really as Becky Hill smashed this. A great performance from her and I think she is the real smokey. I believe she can actually take this out.

Indie and Pixie Becky Hill

You got to love Jessie J she is so sweet. Just watching her pull faces or make funny noises. She is the life of this show. So the following two clips are some funny moments in the show, displaying her fun side!

Funny Moments on the Voice

Pushing the Button Funny Moment 

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