Friday, June 1, 2012

A Week of Awards and Radio Interviews!

     During the week  Jessie J was awarded the solo artist of the year award at the Glamour Awards . This added to last years best newcomer Glamour Award. Which gave her the double glamour dot com forward slash boom.There to present the award was her UK Voice fellow coach and crazy cat , Mr Dope himself Will I Am. Any signs of rivalry or friction were nowhere to be seen as in the interview they both came across as they were very good friends and Will even let slip that they BBM each other. I think there maybe a secret admiration between these two! You just have to watch the body language on the voice between them from the start of the show. There has always been a fiery attraction going on.  
   Really I don't think you can believe anything that's printed in them papers,they just print whatever sells. I never believed any of it anyway I always believe what I see rather than what the press sees!

 Glamour Awards Interview Jessie J and Will I Am

This week has also seen numerous radio interviews leading up to the final of the Voice on Saturday so thought we would put some of them up as I am always interested in what the lovely Jessica Cornish has to say!First up though we will check out the best Jessie J moments from the Semi Final.

Best Jessie J Moments on the Voice Semi Finals. 

Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny O'donoghue Interview

Jessie J and Vince Kidd 
Love this interview so cute and funny CLASSIC! 

Becky Hill Like A Star

Jessie J and Two Finalists 

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