Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jessie J News and Discoveries

A young Jessie ! Passion and power where does it come from! 
Staying Thin 
A song written by Jess when she was seventeen this was leaked the same day as Silver Lining! 

More Awesome Jessie Pics

  Hula Girl Jess

Silver Lining 
New song written by Diane Warren for the Silver Lining Playbook soundtrack! 

Domino Diva Concert 

Remember Me Video Pics

Jessie and Daniel! Laserlight
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Seven-year-old Daniel Sullivan from Hartlepool, lost his battle with leukemia during the week. The brave little guy got up on stage with Jessie in July after she met him before her Shrewsbury concert!Asking him if he wanted to do Price Tag on stage with her. His reply no I want to do Laserlight. Jessie was obviously saddened by his death and posted the following tweet! Laserlight Jessie and Daniel Shrewsbury Concert.

Jessies Tweet
"RIP Daniel. I will never forget meeting you and us singing on stage together. Never forget you dude."

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