Monday, July 16, 2012

A Week in Concert with Jessie J

    Thought we would take a close look at the amazing voice and charisma of Jessie J in concert this week! Her three performances for the week spread across Europe. The first at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.There was another at Warwick Castle and the final performance was at the FIB festival at Benicassim Spain. The better quality footage comes from the Spain show but if I had to make a choice between the three as which was the better performance I would say Montreux!

 Montreux Show
Who You Are 

Never Too Much / Abracadabra 

      The Warwick Castle show was very entertaining and had a lot of crowd/fan contact and chat. Which I enjoy immensly. It had alot of interesting and memorable moments. One being a verse of the first song Jess ever wrote at the age of nine. There was also a guest appearance by Team Jessie Voice contestant Becky Hill, who Jess spotted in the crowd and asked up on stage to perform Price Tag with her. There was plenty of objects being thrown on stage including notes and a hat which Jess asked if the girl had clean hair before placing it on her own head. There was plenty of chat between Jess and fans in the front including a happy birthday singalong to Jamahl with an amusing flashback to Jessie's 15th birthday celebrations. I love the voice warmups as well for her fans. Abslolutely love the way this lady gets everyone involved band members,crowd, security,support acts whether it be in voice warmups,singalongs or chatting she is one unique entertainer.  A cameraman also got a very close up shot of Jess before she realized he was there and crossed her legs. I suppose you got a take your opportunity .She then went on to explain.That she had only just arrived from Switzerland and had'nt  time to soundcheck! Overall such a fun entertaining show. Loved it!

 Warwick Castle Show
Chatting and Happy Birthday

The Warm Up

   The Spain concert was an awesome show with plenty of unique moments. Her Climax cover was one of the highlights and of course a ripper version of Who You Are, she was really feeling it here. Its hard to say if  Montreux or this version was better, both were amazing. Her speech in Montreux was so spot on but musically Spain was perfection . I have to say Laserlight is really growing on me . When she performs it live,she really sparks it up and it sounds so much better without the Guetta influence.I love her fingers to her lips at the end of the line. Who needs words when forever is in the silence! I have to mention something else and that is she was using the F.. word in this show. I am wondering if it was'nt a age limited show.


Nobody's Perfect

   Now to my favorite show of the week Montreux. The crowd were really pumped on her entry with Do It Like A Dude and she did'nt let them down. Woohoo!Love the shorts Jess! You look hotter than the fires of hell! I also noticed she seemed to be channeling Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with her Red Shoe look this week! Fun chat before and after songs here to and talking about Will I Am and her idea of getting a hologram microphone stand because hers is so boring!Now that would be something! Love it! Great idea! Then she sings another super version of Climax.
        She was really getting the jazz feeling going at the Jazz festival with a super version of Mama Knows Best and great crowd interaction on all songs including a fun band introduction piece with crowd interaction! Her and the band are really becoming so connected and I think this is why the shows have been so rocking of late! They have a super rapport!  Love her two backup singers!They are excellent ! There were so many super performances here. Its hard to separate . Domino the closing number had so much going on with Jess down amongst the crowd and there was a great performance of my favorite Jess song Casualty of Love. I would have included that clip here but the Never Too Much/Abracadabra clip is better quality so we will have to go with that one and the Who You Are clip. I am going to include two clips for this the one with the speech because of the awesome quality and then the full Who You Are performance.

Montreux Climax


Band introductions and crowd interactions

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