Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jessie J Treasure Hunting

    I thought we might look at some of the treasures I have found this week on the Jessica Cornish adventure! Its amazing what you can find if you search the net! I think my favorite would be the Knock on Wood cover she did in Memphis last year! There is also Mothers Ballad done for the Don't Trigger campaigne back when she was signed to gut records in 2007 . She also did one of her own compositions titled The Long Goodbye but have yet to track down a clear, full version. Then in Istanbul on her European tour  this week she did a cover of  Usher's Climax. I am really keen at hearing a studio version of this because this fan recorded concert version sounds super so imagine what a professionally recorded version will sound like. I can't wait!
   Our final two clips are from the same concert back in 2008. They are Finders Keepers and Sexy Silk both Jessica Cornish written songs! She is one wild chicky babe ! I just love it when she let's go like at the end of Knock On Wood and during these two live recordings!  Will you be my medicine man put your hand on my chest,feel the bump! bump! bump! bump! 

Knock On Wood Live featuring Jennifer Hudson 
To view click link below 

Climax Live Istanbul Concert June 28th

Mothers Ballad 2007

Finders Keepers Live 2008

Sexy Silk Live 2008

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