Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jessie J in Close Up

     This week we are going to check out the amazing Jessica Cornish in close up. Finding out whats on the horizon and looking at the intensity and beauty in her performances. Her book is completed and should be out sometime in September. During her Romania gig she was talking about finishing it while poolside with her band in Ibiza last week. In this Romanian concert she was as cute as ever. Talking about the bug problems she was having on stage similar to Istanbul. When as she tweeted she had swallowed half the cast of Bug's Life! While before her performance of Climax here she was wondering how many bugs she was going to catch while opening her mouth wide for the big notes. The Romanian concert looked so much fun with plenty of audience participation.
          Our first clip this week Hey little bugs come to your Mama or Nemo and the shark. Followed by her talking about her book before performing Stand Up. She tweeted an exclusive look at the books cover as well and a photo of her before performing in Portugal which had all heartbeats in attendance as it was live streamed on Jessies facebook page!   
   Don't forget coming up this week two more live shows Sandown Park,also the open air festival at Zofingen Switzerland and to finish the week is the closing ceremony  for the Olympics. Where she is performing with Queen. We Will Rock You!

Speech Nemo in with the Sharks 

Chat for England

      Our next concert we are going to check out this week is the Vitaman Water Roundhouse concert. Where Ronnie Wood and his girlfriend along with athletes from the Olympic Village were in attendance. Early in the week she had done a web chat for Vitamin water and her fans! She looked so amazing in this concert and one my favorite clips to appear so far is the Casualty of Love clip with some great close ups of that beautiful focused face of Jessica Cornish.

Casualty of Love

Mama Knows Best Roundhouse

Vitamin Water Web Chat

     To finish off this week I wanted to flashback to Warwick Castle and the HMV show. To highlight these beautiful close up fan recordings. The first is Jess singing happy birthday to Jimahl and the other singing to Shannon's phone. She leaves fans with so many beautiful memories! 

Happy Birthday Jimahl Warwick Castle

Singing to Shannon's Phone

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