Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jessie J Covers

    Thought we would check out some covers by Jessie this week. The most popular cover on you tube by Jessie would have to be We Found Love a Calvin Harris song originally recorded by Rihanna. Jessies version has a complete different feel to Rihannas original which has more of a club feel to it. While Jess turns it into a more of a love interpretation.
We Found Love 

Our next cover is Climax originally done by Usher. Which Jess started to include in her live shows around July this year. She has'nt performed it outside her stage show so the quality is'nt perfect but it is pure Jessica Cornish. She sings it as she feels it! The best quality recording i think is the one recorded at the FIB Festival Benicassim Spain.


     Just discovered this studio version of the Bee Gees You Should Be Dancing Jessie J and Tinie Tempah so wanted to include this in the post as well. Excellent Cover ! Love it!

You Should Be Dancing

      Never Too Much by Luther Van Dross is a cover Jess adds to the start of Abracadabra in her stage shows and it always sounds super when she performs it! I have chosen the Hackney weekend clip here! At the start she will have the crowd warming up which is typical Jessie J. She is always doing quirky things during her shows and this is what makes them so entertaining.Whether it be voice warm ups, making up songs on the spot or a crowd singalong. You never know what to expect from her!

Never Too Much

         Young Blood by Naked and famous is the next cover. She seems to get alot of criticism on how she sung this! I think she does an OK job with it considering its a song done for Radio one on request it was'nt rehearsed and she needed the lyric sheet! Anyway its a pleasant recording I reckon so thought I would include it here!
Young Blood

    Our last cover, I thought we might include is actually a song she wrote herself but was a number one worldwide hit for Miley Cyrus! Party in the USA! We will get to hear the original lyrics before they were changed to suit the US market! She only performs this on rare occassions when requested and the recording we have chosen goes back to before she was in the spotlight! Welcome to the land of fame and sex!

Party in the USA 

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