Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Names Dropping New Tracks

    This has been a week of big names dropping brand new tracks from upcoming albums! First up is  Lady Gaga with Applause which at first listen I was'nt taken in by but must admit it is growing on me. The second track is from Jason Derulo with Talk Dirty. A good track for the nightclub scene and I'm sure with that catchy sax piece is going to get plenty of airplay. That sax piece is by a band called Balkan Beat Box who do Gypsy funk music, checkout Hermetico where the sampled sax piece originates from.
   Then we have Katy Perry and Roar. This is just pure pop and probably not up to her massive last album but hey i love Katy. There is some controversy with Roar. That i want to mention. They say a few months back she was tweeting and congratulating a Sara Bareilles on her song Brave. Which sounds very similar to Katy's Roar! We are going to have a listen to Sara's song as well this week! Finally highlighting an up and coming  young UK artist Ellie Lawson is our final song for this week Down With You from the soundtrack of the movie Monster In Law. 

Lady Ga Ga

Jason Derulo 
Talk Dirty

 Balkan Beat Box

 Katy Perry 

Sara Bareilles

Ellie Lawson 
Down With You

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